Scary Face!


Hi! This picture is from 2008 (good times!) and the human said it was perfect for today's post! 
That's right, no costume for me. Last year I asked the human why all my friends could dress and me or the children here can't. She said some people in this place "think it's not good, but you're free to do it, just that nobody will give you candy or anything.". 
Oh! and then, I saw on TV people in the city were doing "Haunted Houses" for adults!  Yeah, people in this country are weird...

Remember, friends, people do weird things in Halloween, like stealing pets for bad purposes, so stay at home, specially if you're a black dog or cat (my cousing dog Blackie has to stay at home, too), We're safe here, I hope you have a happy Halloween!

This week...


We didn't posted this week, the human has been busy this days AND there were some smaaaal issues with the internet, so, I'm sorry you couln't enjoy pictures of me this week :(

So, what happened this week? 
Last friday, my cousing dog Blackie returned from some vacations and all the dogs were happy, they did, you know, things that dogs do, so they didn't annoy me and I could nap a lot, same with the following days. Blackie has a new blog, but it's not ready yet, or at least that's what the human says. So she will have a blog of her own, Abril and the other dog will keep posting here when they want.

I'm so happy!


So you heard a few days ago that Paw was helping a dog that was hit by a car by asking people for money to pay his vet bill. Well, some humans just couldn't say "No, thanks." and began to say rude stuff to Paw, she was a little sad because she got just a few money to pay the vet bill, but I am a good cat, and I'm going to give a lesson to those rude humans!

Please note: All the rude humans are teenagers. They said things like:

  • The Vet bill is TOO HIGH, I can't give you that much for a vet bill, I could spend it in other stuff...OR Why work that hard for a dog? Well, we don't live in the US, but I have saw other bloggers there that have had problems with vet bills, because they can be really expensive for things like broken legs and infections. They also said "He was going to die someday anyway": If you don't make a good thing for an animal in your life, believe me, you're not going to die happy.
  • It's just a dog.: It's just a dog, it's just a dog, that's what they always say, and the best excuse, they think.
  • If my dog gets sick, I just let him die. This kind of people should be reported to the police*. We give you our love when you're sick, why don't you do the same?
  • What does THAT DOG has done for ME? When this human said that, another said "Good Point!" That's not the point. If you donate for children with diseases, you won't ask "What does those children done for me?", right?
  • Children are important, dogs arent
    • I don't know you, but I don't want a future of animal abusers and homeless pets, I want the humans to make a world where all animals can live happy, and nap while I enjoy seeing it.

All this humans make me think about how school is like, what do they learn from there if it's not how to treat everyone well, what's the point then?

*Paw said I had to type "Police", because there is no organizations for animal abusers in this country, oh, and you can replace the word dog with cat ;)

Meet my (creepy) sister!

Written by Abril
There's a new dog around, at first I thought that it was for a day, but now, she will stay FOREVER!

Let's just say I don't like her very much, Stellaluna says "that's how all sisters are, then they get along", but I don't get it...

As you can see, we don't make eye contact, because she just wants to play, play like she never played before, and bother the humans, and LICK AND BITE, THAT'S MY JOB!

Not convinced?

Nothing's wrong with this pic?! Let's see...


Wordless Wednesday: Perspective *2*

Plans for next week

Today we will share our plans for next week, and recap the last one:

Last Week and my plans: We couldn't blog because of Paw's exams, she said she had a good score in the English one! There was little rain last week, so I could spend the whole day sleeping in the roof! Oh, and also I though about ideas for new posts for this week. I saw you liked my perspective post, I told Paw to take more pics like that one!
You know tomorrow it's a holiday here? YAY!

Abril's Plans: Abril has an important announcement this week! Maybe you saw it in my twitter, if you didn't saw it it's OK, it's a big surprise! We can't tell anything about it now, but I'll give you a clue: it's small and scary, nope, it's nothing related with Halloween!

Paw's Plans: The photographer will have a very busy week. She helped in the rescue of a stray dog who got hit by a car and had some problems on his nails. People nicknamed him "Veneno" or someting like that (that means "Poison", yeah, humans are weird) Paw will make a fundraiser so she can pay the vet bills. You can see Veneno's Rescue pics here. Also, she has math exam, and let's just say it's not her best subject...

We hope you have a great week!

Snail - Pet Blog Hop

Paw has been busy with the tests this week, so I didn't posted. She has 3 more tests next week, but then we will have time to post more!

Today, I will show you one of the things I made this week: During the rains, Snails like to gather in Hibiscus plants and rest, eat and play. The plant near my house is too tall for me, so the human helped me to see a snail.
Can you see the snail?
Paw said snails are very viscous, so she didn't want to touch them, she cut the leaf and showed me the snail
Well, I was a little distracted

I didn't even notice that Paw took this photograph!
It was soooo small!

The kids helped me see the snail
I couln't touch the snail because Paw said it could be dangerous, but at least I had the opportunity to see them  LIVE! 

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Wordless Wednesday: Perspective


Today is 10/10/10, Paw says it won't occur again until 1000 years so I have to say something...
OMG YAY it's 10/10/10 I hope you are lucky today...but I still don't get it

Yesterday at night I found a very nice moth, most moths I see are boring gray, but this one was diferent

This one had so many different colors...

This one had somithing like glitter in his wings, does it means "danger" or "I was playing with glitter as a caterpillar and it was so nice!"

Here you can see how flat he was, I wish I was that flat so I clould fly!

Well, at the end the human didn't let me catch her, she maybe tasted bad because of the glitter anyways...

Caterpillar Progress, Day 4

With the warn weather, the winds come, and they made the cocoon defy gravity!


Hi there! Today I made a discovery in the palm trees: There are caterpillars, everywhere!

 There's a furry caterpillar! Or..what is that? I think it's fur, well, they told me I must NOT TOUCH IT for some reason :(

 But that's not all! There was ANOTHER caterpillar and it was not furry making a cocoon, I could see all the progress: he ate the leaves and something came out of his mouth! It was like magic!

Some minutes later, he closed the door of his house...

...and I got an idea: Maybe I can follow Cocoon's progress by taking a pic everyday. I'm not sure if he will be a moth or a butterfly, but  I want to see in what he will transform! I hope Paw is at the moment so she can take a pic of it, and I'll show it to you!

Calm Weather

Hey Everybuddy! It seems that rain gave us a rest, and it's been raining a little this days, but the man in the news said that rains will be harder the next month, and that the summer will come late this year, I don't want it to be true D':

Well, so this week I had to stay at home almost all day, and it was boring, because I just have the 2 dogs, and they don't do "cat stuff", you know..

It's soooo boring! And then Photographer came and took me some pics of me being boring, doesn't the word "boring" makes you feel bored?

What? Going outside? 

NO WAY! It's going to rain soon? Don't you see the clouds?

Oh, and Abril thinks she can predict weather using a Crystal Ball. It's going to rain anyway

Can you see something in the ball? How will the weather be tomorrow?
I hope it's sunny, come back, summer!

Wordless Wednesday: After a boring day...

PS: Everything's okay here!

Rainy Days

It's been raining all the week, and it has been causing problems in some parts of the country: homeless people, no electricity, closed roads, etc. The photographer couldn't go far away this week because the road is closed, so she has a lot of time to take pics of me. I can't go outside because it rains, it stops, and then it rains again, the weather's crazy, so I prefer to stay home:

Get inside! Water's dangerous!

I'm not in danger for now, but please pray for those people who lost their homes in landslides, maybe they had cats, and we don't even know if they let them keep the cats, it's so sad :(

I hope this week is better, I really hope so, I want to be outside!


Today is Livestrong Day, today we promote cancer awareness. Milo and Alfie couldn't explain it better:

Cat (and Dog) Bloggers around the World are working together to promote LiveStrong by going YELLOW on their blogs on October 2nd 2010. All bloggers are invited to join in! Our message is FOCUS, NEVER give up HOPE, Have a FIGHTING attitude, have COURAGE and know we ALL SUPPORT you. LIVESTRONG! We believe in the POWER of the PURR! Love Milo and Alfie xx =^..^= =^..^=
There are many ways to join, I decided to paint my orange coat yellow today (well, Photoshop it)
Yellow is so cool! I think I want to be yellow for a day!

I think I should be grateful today, as nobody in my family had lost the fight with cancer, so I live among survivors, who are STRONG had COURAGE and NEVER give up. 

I am purraing for all the cats who lost friends and family members because of cancer, cancer is horrible, I mean: you're happy with your family, so why take them away and make us sad? Cancer, you're so mean :(

There are many ways you can help Today:

  • Go YELLOW to help raise awareness, by WEARING YELLOW, or turning yoor blog YELLOW today or during October!
  • Or donate via the LIVESTRONG website (there are lots of giving options).
  • Attend a LIVESTRONG EVENT in yoor area.
  • Do a fund-raising event for LIVESTRONG yoorself!
  • Make a purchase from the LIVESTRONG online store (or a store near yoo selling LIVESTRONG items)
  • Wear yoor LIVESTRONG wrist band wiv pride.
  • Say a PURRayer for Vic at Zoolatry and ALL the other hoomans and animals fighting cancer.

Don forget to add your linky at Cats of Wildcat Woods, and spread the word, lots of people in the world need it!

New Stuff

Many things have changed around this place, one of the biggest ones is, that there are no rodents around, or at least I havent found any, of any kind, you may know what this means... :(

I don't know if this is good news or not, but there are 2 new dogs around, and both are female.
One is small and likes to dress up:

She also likes to bite and lick people, but I think that's common in dogs...
And the other one is BIG and black with brown eyes, she got hit by a car and she survived! After that, some humans rescued her and she was adopted by our humans. She likes to eat flowers.

The humans says she is maybe getting a blog for her, and I want to know her better, too.

Oh, and remember the door was made of wood so I could scratch on it? Well, they changed the door to one that slides, and it's not made of wood, fortunately the back door that is made of wood hasn't changed, yay!
I hope you have a great weekend!
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