French bread with cream cheese (or butter and guava jelly) and a cup of coffee with milk: a typical human breakfast in the neighborhood, and in my house. But sometimes humans like to eat treats, and a common treat has a very weird name...

It's called....gatos.

Tagline: "Soft and Tentative..."
What is this? Why is called gatos? Cats are not in the ingredients, and the human says they taste great

It come in a package with lots of gatos!
... and they don't look like cats, they are just rectangles!

They have sugar at the top and a stripe in the middle that tastes different, or the human says that...

Lets look closely....I still don't know why they call them gatos...

I wanted to fix this, so I asked the human for help...

Does it looks like a cat now?
Hmm...something's missing...

Meow meow, eat me, I'm a soft and tentative gato!
Ta-da! There it is, humans! Now you have a reason to call them gatos!

Black Dog - Pet Blogger Hop

0You may know Blackie, my cousing dog who lives with Paw. Well, I have to make her a confession, I don't like you really much.
It's not that I hate dogs, because I live with 3 chihuahuas, but they are small, not like you Blackie, you're a medium-sized dog, but I never saw one as big as you. So I'm sorry if I get scared, a little bit...

I like to go to the storage room, because it's quiet and not all people can get...oh, there she is...
First...hmm.. I will hiss and meow at you...
Blackie: Awww, are you singing for me? Are you practicing for one of your concerts?
Then I will...mmm..well..make silly faces to...scare you
Blackie: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're amazing Stella, you're an artist, AND a clown, ahahahaha!

Blackie: OK, I give up, but let me play with you someday! *_*
Don't worry Blackie...we will get along...someday...I think...
Meanwhile I will just visit you via your blog, I'm glad they exist!

What about you? Do you get along with big dogs?

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Viendo hacia adelante
Hmmm...yes, a tiny break. Why? Paw has her final tests, and what I understand about them is: You whole life depends on a single piece of paper, but I don't know much about them; they are just super-extra important.

Meanwhile, I have been planning some things, like the Christmas Card Exchange, I think we're doing it this year, we will have more details soon! ...I love Christmas, I am the only pet around who knows what Christmas is, this will be Abril, Blackie and Cleo's first Christmas, so it will be extra special!

I have a lot to share, too bad I can't type without supervision. I will try to visit some of you, I promess!

Anyway, how are you doing? Are your humans busy this time of the year?

PS: Can you find the crystal ball, it's an easy one!


Today, in a few hours, there will be an International Worldwide Movement, a minute of silence, for reflection.
In my time zone, it's at 5:00PM, what time will it be in yours? It doesn't matter, we'll be at the same time and space, or something like that.

You can stay in silence o shout of join (or meow)
but we decided to make silence in that minute
because silence...well, it makes the time go slower...

Today, I will remember those two who passed away, and you know who I mean, right?
Just the human, me, and those dogs, meditating about things
while we see the orange and purple sky
or the rain drops falling by.

See you in a few hours! I hope you join the movement too!

Classic Stella: Guitar Girl

The girls at Zoolatry made this for me like two years ago, I think I never posted it on my blog (I moved to the hamster blog in those days...) but I loved the result. Maybe I can make some concerts for you or to help some shelter animals? ;oD

Also, I wanted to let you know that my cousin dog Blackie finally opened her blog! She writes in spanish, so you may want to use a translator (or guide with the pictures), she will still answer your comments even if you write in English. She also features adoptable animals from Costa Rica and their stories, I hope you like it!


Yesterday, some strange noise woke me up.

I came out, and saw something that made me purr

The sky is blue again!

But, what are those noise, it was not my tummy.
I looked at the sky again and then I saw it
Me: What are those things?!

Helicopters? I don't like them, they won't let me nap!
But then, I saw the TV, a human was saying it was transporting food for the "trapped" people, that can't leave their houses and don't have anything to eat, they also take humans to hospitals...

Hmm...I think I can get used to them, if it's for a good cause...
Meanwhile, I looking for a new napping spot.  I went to the roof because it was sunny there

Not like my other napping spot, but there are lots of thing I have to get used to :S

Emergency Post

Hello, I had very nice plans for today's post, but something really bad happened yesterday and this morning.
It's been raining really hard this week, but that's just the beginning, let's put it in my perspective:

This is my favorite napping spot
Un abrazo
The soil is soft and the sun warms me in a good way
In the upper left corner, you can see something, that's a wall, and I'm in the top of it.

Here you can see how high the wall is!

These pictures are from 2009...what about today?




photo 076
Yup. The wall collapsed....MY NAPPING SPOT...NOOOOOO!!!11!

But that's not all, not just this wall collapsed, lots of landslides have ocurred across the country. We have no water (we must get it from other places), the electricity goes off sometimes, and the humans are isolated, we can't, literaly, get out of our homes or town.

Everybody is safe here, but there are lots of people suffering, they lost their houses or everything, some humans are lost. Please pray for those humans...

I hope you're safe, we'll keep you updated (here or via Twitter)


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