Today is 10/10/10, Paw says it won't occur again until 1000 years so I have to say something...
OMG YAY it's 10/10/10 I hope you are lucky today...but I still don't get it

Yesterday at night I found a very nice moth, most moths I see are boring gray, but this one was diferent

This one had so many different colors...

This one had somithing like glitter in his wings, does it means "danger" or "I was playing with glitter as a caterpillar and it was so nice!"

Here you can see how flat he was, I wish I was that flat so I clould fly!

Well, at the end the human didn't let me catch her, she maybe tasted bad because of the glitter anyways...

Caterpillar Progress, Day 4

With the warn weather, the winds come, and they made the cocoon defy gravity!

4 comentarios:

Brian said...

Moths and the caterpillar, purrfect!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh! me and mommy are saying how awesome this is. The Caterpillar and the moth. Your mommy did the right thing. The moth worked hard and deserves to live BUT you were so good to let her live. Purrs!

Pirulo Furry said...

Esa es una mariposa muy bonita. Tambien me gusta perseguir las mariposas.

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Wow, a glittery moth? Tofu would've LOVED that!

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