Paws for Japan

When the human heard about the earthquake, she was shocked, lots of people lost their homes, but also their friends, animal friends. Some got trapped in their homes, some were lost, and as humans are the priority, they focus on rescuing the humans instead.
This human was rescuing a ginger cat! I hope he finds his humans...

But don't worry, there are also humans that want to help the animals in Japan. The human was worried because she can't do anything from here (you can't even donate to humans, and the ones claiming that they do are just scams!) so she told me to participate in this, because I know maybe some of you can donate!

World Vets is an organization of humans that are helping animals in Japan, they are working with organizations there to save the animals. They will need donations too, you can donate in this widget. My human doesn't know if it works with other currency than dollars, but if you have a card you can try. We can do it, let's help the animals in Japan!

PS: My friend Keisha write a GREAT post about this and how animals in Japan will be affected with this disaster, you should read it!


Uh? Hi!

Why is this place so quiet?

Hey, are you listening?
What is this place?
Why is it so quiet?
I'm hungry...

Rescued Kitty

Happy Belated Birthday to Paw! Her birthday was yesterday but she was too busy to post, or that's her excuse...

One of the goals Paw has this year is to rescue more animals and give them homes, even if her parents or neighbors don't want her to do it (it's a secret, don't tell anyone!). She found this kitty outside a house, asking desesperately for a place to stay, so she took it home.

You can tell he was sick by looking at his face, as I told you last month he had a broken leg and scabies, this is a picture Paw took when he arrived that night:
The rescued kitty

The other day he was purring all the time...when he was with humans, because when he saw me, he started spitting at me! I think it's normal because he was a stray cat and nobody told him about manners.
The rescued kitty

You don't have to worry about him anymore, he has a home now (and they even paid the vet)! This is the first kitty of the year, Paw hopes she can rescue even more, it's hard because nobody will help her with the moneys, but she thinks there is another way... I don't really know what she is talking about, but I really hope we can help more pets this year!

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