Hi there! Today I made a discovery in the palm trees: There are caterpillars, everywhere!

 There's a furry caterpillar! Or..what is that? I think it's fur, well, they told me I must NOT TOUCH IT for some reason :(

 But that's not all! There was ANOTHER caterpillar and it was not furry making a cocoon, I could see all the progress: he ate the leaves and something came out of his mouth! It was like magic!

Some minutes later, he closed the door of his house...

...and I got an idea: Maybe I can follow Cocoon's progress by taking a pic everyday. I'm not sure if he will be a moth or a butterfly, but  I want to see in what he will transform! I hope Paw is at the moment so she can take a pic of it, and I'll show it to you!

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Admiral Hestorb said...

what a great idea. We wanna follow his progress!

Brian said...

I wanna see too...keep an eye on it fur me!

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