About us!


I'm a 5 year old ginger cat, I enjoy napping, catnip, and catching bugs, come on, I'm a cat. I live in Costa Rica (and it's a great place to live!) I have a special talent for hamsters, I don't eat them, and I can take care of them! If you need help with hamsters, just tell me!

The Photographer's hand (a.k.a Paw)

Although she's not my owner, she takes all the pics, and she takes care of this blog (the coding things I don't get. She says she is a "geek" person, she enjoys playing videogames, making sketches and repairing stuff. I'll tell you a secret: she has more hair than me, trust me, she has A LOT OF HAIR! Also, she have owned hamsters and dogs, like Brownie

The Human

She feeds me, she takes care of me, and I snuggle with her, but she don't want me to post a picture of her (of let The Photographer post a picture), she's a very special person, but she doesn't get to the internet, she takes care of all the offline stuff, like feeding me!



Her name means "April" but you probably guessed that. She's a chihuahua pup, she's active and playful, and friendly too, but that's what humans think. She likes to annoy me, but sometimes I play with her. She likes to bite humans.

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