Yesterday, some strange noise woke me up.

I came out, and saw something that made me purr

The sky is blue again!

But, what are those noise, it was not my tummy.
I looked at the sky again and then I saw it
Me: What are those things?!

Helicopters? I don't like them, they won't let me nap!
But then, I saw the TV, a human was saying it was transporting food for the "trapped" people, that can't leave their houses and don't have anything to eat, they also take humans to hospitals...

Hmm...I think I can get used to them, if it's for a good cause...
Meanwhile, I looking for a new napping spot.  I went to the roof because it was sunny there

Not like my other napping spot, but there are lots of thing I have to get used to :S

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Admiral Hestorb said...

You are a kind kitty indeed to understand about the loud flying things. I like that roosting spot you found to bake in the sun. Um, may I join you? (if Mommy will let me out!!)

Brian said...

I hope all of those needed help can get it, including the critters.

Lorenza said...

Those things are noisy and annoying... but almost all the time they are used for good things!
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

As loud as those helicopters are, they are the good guys!

Rm said...


Stellaluna said...

You can come anyday, Admiral Hestorb, as long as it doesn't rain of course...

Brian, I heard some people are taking food to that place, but they are having problems, they don't have enough dog food, but humans are making donations, It's great!

Lorenza and Jemma: Yeah, I wish I could ride one, but one that doesn't make noise, so I could explore places and help animals :D

Anita said...

Luna! Quizá te espiaran los helicópteros desde ahí arriba con esa postura tan sexy! Muahahahahá!

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