This week...


We didn't posted this week, the human has been busy this days AND there were some smaaaal issues with the internet, so, I'm sorry you couln't enjoy pictures of me this week :(

So, what happened this week? 
Last friday, my cousing dog Blackie returned from some vacations and all the dogs were happy, they did, you know, things that dogs do, so they didn't annoy me and I could nap a lot, same with the following days. Blackie has a new blog, but it's not ready yet, or at least that's what the human says. So she will have a blog of her own, Abril and the other dog will keep posting here when they want.

I'm so happy!

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Brian said...

Hey, we've been missing you...and you sure look comfy!

Pirulo Furry said...

You have a beautiful smile.

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