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This post is part of the movement started by Kika to promote the importance of helping out shelters. You can make a post today about it too, spread the word and let's help!

That's right, friends, everyone knows what humans do in shelters: they help and cure animals who have suffered and being abandoned. But this good people can't do it without help of others, that's why we're going to remind you how important it is!

Unfortunately, there are no "local" shelter in Costa Rica, but that doesn't mean there aren't shelters and organizations. With the power of Facebook, this humans are able to help animals in all the parts of the country:

Rescate Animal isn't a shelter (they don't even have one), but they rescue animals in need anyway. Everytime there's a natural disaster, they go to the place inmediatly and try to rescue all the animals they see, isn't that great? Also, you can ask if anyone has a pet for adoption or ask for a foster home for one, they also alert about act of cruelty humans make, and they act.

Recently, there have been lots of cases of stray pets hit by cars, and burned, but the worst thing is, they don't have enough money to do the operations and buy medicines, so they need help. I don't know if you can donate from other country using the dollar account, but you can try.

Paws 'n' Claws is a private shelter, but it's special. It was founded by three high school girls that are about the same age as Paw! They get all the money from their high school making events and campaigns, and they can rescue about 15-20 dogs per month. They are a great example of how young humans can help animals!

Of course, as January is a hard month because the little humans are back to school and they have to pay all the things they need (plus all the things they have to pay every month), they need help. Again, I think you can donate from other countries, but the best thing to do is to ask them.

Cielo Verde de los Perros is one of Paw's favorites, it gives shelter to up to 150 dogs, it's a HUGE place, so dogs can go wherever they want on it, and they are given food and love everyday, every dogs dream.

But, there are really bad news, the owner of the shelter had an accident, and now she can't walk, the shelter only has 3 volunteers, and there is just a few food for all of them, to make the problem worse, people who don't like their animals take them to her house, and of couse she can't give shelter to all of them! Something has to be made, you can make a difference if you donate or volunteer.

The human thought this post would not make a lot impact if it's written in English, but I know that someone can help, I just know. But I think I may have to put a ChipIn or something like that, so I can put the money we collect in their bank accounts in name of all of you, do you like the idea? :)

Come on everyone, I know we can make a difference here!

2 comentarios:

Gris said...

cool to see you also joined the solidary post! Lots of information, that's great!

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

lo has hecho muy bien Stellaluna, guapa, te felicito, nos has aportado información interesante, y enlaces para detectar posibilidades de ayudar,
yo no es que no haya querido colaborar en este día, la verdad es que no he sabido hacerlo,

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