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What a nice afternoon!
How do kids spend the afternoons these days?
1. Watching the sun go down and the orange/purple/pink clouds
2. Play on their electronic things or something
3. Play outside until the sun goes down

In my perspective, the answer is....
Of course number 2! ...well, at least here, I know, kids are growing and that, but at least they should try number one..

...Can you guess what I'm playing? It's a game where humans are supposed to think hard, easy. 

Wait?! What is a >?! How am I supposed to do this if it has a = in the middle?!
And I have to do it in just 30 seconds!? 

I give up, I think I will play those games where you touch something and win, or those that only have words and words, or something... Now that I think about it, I haven't seen a game where a main character is a cat! (There are many in which the main characters are dogs, not fair!)

Enjoy the afternoon, friends!

PS: Stupid flash made me appear sleepy in all the pics, I was trying to focus on this math game!

Hey, it's Saturday Pet Blogger Hop time again! If you want to participate, follow the rules and have fun!

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6 comentarios:

Gris said...

So you play game boy now?jejejeje i prefer what you did afterwards! just going out and sunbathing! much better!

sagechronicles said...

You don't look sleepy. I can tell you are concentrating on those cool math games. Don't give up!! You can do it.

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

voy por partes, porque por desgracia el traductor no me da una buena traducción,
yo tampoco creo justo que hayan juegos de perros y de gatos no !
yo creo que un gato, jugando a pelota se lo pasa mejor que con el pc, no crees ?
sobre lo que nos dijiste del pelo en los árboles, pues mira lo haremos por si en verdad sirven a algún pajarito,
por cierto se te ve muy interesante en el portátil,
ahora lo otro de bloguer a ver si lo entiendo
bueno pues no lo entiendo mucho, pero voy a intentarlo,
muchos mimitos Stellaluna

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

You should try playing Farmville! Lots of animals on there... and even tons of kitties1

Daisy's Mom said...

LOL! Very cute post! I wonder were Stellaluna came from? :) Great name.
Stop[ing on the Sat Pet Blogger Hop!

Stellaluna said...

La humana dice que la nueva que van a estrenar viene con un juego con perros....y gatos para cuidar como si fueran de verdad (supongo que para la gente que no puede tener gatos, para que sepan lo bonito que es...)! Obviamente solo lo va a jugar por los gatos, duh.

Pruno (Ya había puesto este comentario pero no se publico...) Hoy no revise la traducción, por eso seguro se ve raro :(

La humana lo ha intentado con el pelo del perro, y si ha funcionado!

Daisy's Mom, the human says it's from some bat, we see a lot of bats here at night, they make weird noises!

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