Calm Weather

Hey Everybuddy! It seems that rain gave us a rest, and it's been raining a little this days, but the man in the news said that rains will be harder the next month, and that the summer will come late this year, I don't want it to be true D':

Well, so this week I had to stay at home almost all day, and it was boring, because I just have the 2 dogs, and they don't do "cat stuff", you know..

It's soooo boring! And then Photographer came and took me some pics of me being boring, doesn't the word "boring" makes you feel bored?

What? Going outside? 

NO WAY! It's going to rain soon? Don't you see the clouds?

Oh, and Abril thinks she can predict weather using a Crystal Ball. It's going to rain anyway

Can you see something in the ball? How will the weather be tomorrow?
I hope it's sunny, come back, summer!

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Admiral Hestorb said...

Don't you just love sunny days? It makes you feel so invigorated even if it's boring around is boring in a beautiful way and there's always sun puddles.

Brian said...

WOW, I like that crystal ball, bet that comes in handy!

Stellaluna said...

Today it didn't rained for the WHOLE DAY, and we felt the summer (OK, Dry Season)'s Trade Winds! It's so nice, but the human says it's a common phenomenon or something, rain will countinue in some days. Meanwhile, I will take LOTS of pics!

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