Viendo hacia adelante
Hmmm...yes, a tiny break. Why? Paw has her final tests, and what I understand about them is: You whole life depends on a single piece of paper, but I don't know much about them; they are just super-extra important.

Meanwhile, I have been planning some things, like the Christmas Card Exchange, I think we're doing it this year, we will have more details soon! ...I love Christmas, I am the only pet around who knows what Christmas is, this will be Abril, Blackie and Cleo's first Christmas, so it will be extra special!

I have a lot to share, too bad I can't type without supervision. I will try to visit some of you, I promess!

Anyway, how are you doing? Are your humans busy this time of the year?

PS: Can you find the crystal ball, it's an easy one!

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Lorenza said...

Seguro le va a ir muy bien en sus examenes finales!
Hmmm... es importante para ellos estudiar, verdad?
Espero verte pronto de nuevo!

Bella and Ollie said...

Our human sister Anais just finished her exams so she'll be more relaxed and have more time for us now...
Love from Bella and Ollie

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