French bread with cream cheese (or butter and guava jelly) and a cup of coffee with milk: a typical human breakfast in the neighborhood, and in my house. But sometimes humans like to eat treats, and a common treat has a very weird name...

It's called....gatos.

Tagline: "Soft and Tentative..."
What is this? Why is called gatos? Cats are not in the ingredients, and the human says they taste great

It come in a package with lots of gatos!
... and they don't look like cats, they are just rectangles!

They have sugar at the top and a stripe in the middle that tastes different, or the human says that...

Lets look closely....I still don't know why they call them gatos...

I wanted to fix this, so I asked the human for help...

Does it looks like a cat now?
Hmm...something's missing...

Meow meow, eat me, I'm a soft and tentative gato!
Ta-da! There it is, humans! Now you have a reason to call them gatos!

4 comentarios:

Sammy and Andy said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!

Lorenza said...

No se porque los llaman gatos... pero si se que lucen deliciosos! Suaves, dulces, hmmm, ahora estamos babeando!

Pirulo Furry said...

Bueno, a mi no me apetecen, pero The Other One está babeando- creo que tiene hambre.

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

So cute. That looks delicious!

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