Summer Days

Finally, the sun came back, it's "summer" again!

Now I can tell you what I do on summer days!

1. Find new sun spots

2. Make "that face" when the human ruins your sun spot...
3. Fix my garden
4. Go birdwatching!
5. Figure out the shapes in the clouds!
5.Find new places to EXPLORE!

6. Play with the falling leafs (yeah, I know, I know, you may think I'm in the wrong season, but in this place the leafs fall in any season!)
A leaf?!
December 042
Oh, and accidentally bite the human's hands!

And finally 7. REST, of course!

I hope you enjoy your winter, summer or dry season!

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Gris said...

ohhhh...she's so lovely and she's got the cutest face ever! so, enjoying good weather? have lots of fun and sunbathe a lot, iknow you cats love that! I love the piture with the mouse-cloud by the way, it's hillarious!

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Rumblemum wishes you were closer so she could cover you in snuggles!!

Admiral Hestorb said...

I would snuggle with you any day. You are beautiful and warm and snuggly!!

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

You sure are having loads of fun. We're NOT enjoying our dreary and wet weather. Ick.

PRUNO Terra-Bruna said...

en el blog de pruno, hemos construido un gato gigante y dentro de él est´´as tú también, si te quieres ver en él o recoger te lo ofrecemos como regalo,

Efi (la gata naturalista) said...

Hi Stellaluna! it was a surprise to find you on the Gris´s blog, becouse when I saw you at mine, I was unable to follow, and I thougt you weren´t here now. You was my first folower wiht picture and it was a joy and I told you at this post.
Anyway,I´m here, and I happy to see you.

Efi (la gata naturalista) said...

Anda´! qué bien que respondas en español, porque mi inglés está un poco desentrenado.Pues es que no aparece que ningún blog en tu perfil y eso es lo que me hizo pensar que no estabas .Me alegro de conocerte ,eres una gatita muy bonita y dulce(al menos lo pareces) y a mi también me gusta ver cosas en las nubes y también en los árboles. Parece muy bonito el sitio en el que vives.has sido mi priimera seguidora con foto, cosa que me dio una gran alegría. Saluudos

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