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Hi again, friends! I have so much to tell you, but as you know, we are having issues with the camera. To upload the photos we have to take the card and upload them to another computer, as any of our computers have a Memory Stick Port and blah blah, so the human wants to take photos but she knows we will be able to upload them only once a week. This will affect her Annual Purrformance Review, hehe.

As I tweeted recently, the human rescued a kitten. It had a broken leg and scabies (I was going to tweet it, but I didn't knew it was called different in English, I was just going to say "skin disease", we learn something new everyday!). As you know, we are bad economically so we couldn't pay the vet, then a person decided to give him a home, and pay the vet, isn't that great? Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures yet, but I will post them soon, really!

The human is making an article, and she needs your help! The human is making a small article about Pet Poisoning in Costa Rica. I mean, people who poison pets (not how pets poison themselves with things we have at home), it's a big problem here. For example, if a dog barks a lot at night, some neighbors don't talk with the owner about it, they just put poison in food. Even some "vets" and "pet stores" put poison on the dog food, and the other people, without knowing it, buy this food, this can't be, humans must learn about it!

As I have a lot of friends for around the world, the human wants to know if this is common in your country, it will help a lot! Also, she says she enjoyed reading the comments of Food and Treats, thanks everyone!

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Gris said...

Hi!!! glad to know you rescued a kitten!! it's nice to hear he also found a new home!! poisonng happens a lot in's such a shame! honestly, i can't believe people can do stuff like that!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

It does happen occasionally in France that nasty people will poison neighbourhood animals. Thankfully, it is not that common.

We're glad the kitten found a home!

The Chans

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

bueno aquí en Cataluña no puedo negar que pase lo que dices, esporádicamente y gente sin corazón, pero en ocasiones si, lo mismo que ponen venenos en las paredes para que los perros no se hagan pis,

Admiral Hestorb said...

Thank heavens the kitten is alright and has a home. I never knew about pet poisoning and I am shocked and deeply hurt that it goes on.

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

en nuestra casa hay un regalo,
que me encantaría aceptaras,

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

Stella, i love you !

PRUNO Terra Bruna said...


PRUNO Terra Bruna said...

aceptarías nuestro regalo blog ?
por estar a nuestro lado !

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