Top 10 posts from 2010

2010 was great for us! We got back into the blogging world and met new friends! They were difficulties for all of us, but that's part of the life!
Now, I want to share with you our 2010 top posts, based on pawpularity, I think you remember all of them, right?

Let's Begin!

10-.Classic Stella: Guitar Girl - It was a post to remember old times, and friends, and the nice things they made for me :)

9-. Summer Days - Everyone loves summer days! I told you what I do on summer days. Now that we're talking about it, it's cold in this moment, but I heard they are melting in South America, please pray for them so thy can get fresh weather!

8-. Scary Face! - For my halloween post, I showed you my scary face! Maybe I will try to just wear a costume next year...

7-. Helicopters - You know that natural disater we had back in November, as we live in the mountains and all the roads were closed, the only way to help the other humans was the helicopters. The only problem was that they were too noisy! Also, Blackie was lucky and saw them live, they were HUGE!

6-.Happy Holidays from Stellaluna - We didn't got lots of gifts, we didn't decorated the house, but at least we were together! Thanks everyone for all the Christmas Cards!

5-. Rude - Teenager humans can be stupid when it is about helping animals, just look at all the rude things they said about them, it makes me wonder what the future of the world will be...

4-. Black Dog - Pet Blogger Hop - Poor Blackie wants to play with me, but it scares me, she so big and everything! What should Ido?

3-. What's wrong with this picture? - Abril wonders why her Chritmas wasn't as "magical" a she thought.

2.- Snail - Pet Blogger Hop - During the wet season, we had new visitors: snails! Lots and lots of them! Of course, I couldn't touch them...

and number one is...

1.- Emergency Post - You really were worried about me, guys! Well, as you know, with the emergency in November, I lost one of my places I love to rest in, and as of today, THE HUMANS HAVEN'T FIXED IT YET!

Go and comment on them if you want!

And I want to thank everyone for this great year, and we hope 2011 will be better!
Stay safe!

7 comentarios:

Gris said...

Great idea, great pictures and great post! i loved it!
happy new year!

Efi (la gata naturalista) said...

Nice top Stellaluna.
You're a great guitarist, like Jimmy Hendrix? ?
I Whish you and your family, a happy, wonderfull and safe new year!

PRUNO Terra-Bruna said...

bonito Top !
acertado para recordatorio del año,
mi favorito es . . . .
la chica guitarra !!!!!!!!!!!
FELIZ 2011, STELLA, ya estás en nuestro calendario, que sigamos el año próximo compartiendo esta amistad !
sed felices, muyyyy felices..

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Looking forward to your posts in 2011 my friend. Happy new year!

PRUNO Terra-Bruna said...

con un poquito de resaca....., pero....

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

A very exciting year it was! Let's see what you get up to in 2011!

The Chans

Bella and Ollie said...

You've had a very eventful year in 2010.
We send you our best wishes for 2011.
Besos, Bella y Ollie.

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